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Spring Market Report

Spring Market Report

With the arrival of the warmer months comes an abundance of fresh spring produce, especially in South East Queensland. There’s nothing better to put on your plate than local, organic produce and when planning a menu for catering, Brisbane and surrounds is the first place we look for inspiration.

Mullberries are one of the fruits plentiful in the local area in September, but are often underrated. It’s a mystery why, because these sweet, juicy berries are just as versatile as other berries, and are packed with nutrients. Also in season are citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, lemons and mandarins – just in time for spring detoxing!

If detoxing is on the cards, you’ll find plenty of greens available to help you get back to basics, with spinach and avocado ripe and ready to be bundled into smoothies. For stir-fries and steaming, broccoli, snow peas, and Asian greens can be spiced up with fresh chilli and garlic, while green papaya will take a Thai salad to the next level.

With the weather just right for getting out and enjoying our local parks and preserves, spring picnics are the ultimate weekend treat. Picnic catering is made easy with seasonal vegetables like potato and cauliflower lending themselves to hearty salads – roast cauliflower and garlic combine to make a deceptively simple and easily transportable salad. Basil, too, can be used to create a fresh and flavoursome pasta salad. Marinate artichokes in advance and throw sliced zucchini on the BBQ with some local beef sausages and you’ll have a spring feast.

If you need some help with the picnic catering, get in touch with Dalton Catering and we’ll have a fresh spring picnic basket ready and waiting for you.

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