COVID Safe Events by DALTON

COVID Safe Events by DALTON

Did you know that we are still catering Brisbane in private homes with our COVID safe event plan for more than 10 people? There are a few extra rules to follow however for the most part it is business as normal.

DALTON Catering is back and better than ever, our team is eagerly awaiting to provide your event catering Brisbane with food so delectable it will make you forget about the global pandemic. Our skilled crew of chefs and staff abide by the highest hygiene standards to ensure your step back into the social scene is as COVID safe as possible. Whether you’re hosting your first post-COVID dinner party, getting married or just looking for the finest party catering or finger food catering in Brisbane, DALTON Catering is here to make your event safe and enjoyable.

We are here to provide you with a flawless COVID event plan that will ensure your event will be the most hygienic and safe as possible. This includes precautionary actions such as assessing your event space and matching capacity to your space to ensure social distancing can be continued throughout the whole event. All staff and attendees will be contact traced so we can keep track of how is around on your big day.

Our staff will ensure all food handling meets the COVID guidelines, this includes using disposable utensils, food service staff wearing gloves, surfaces sanitised regularly and ensuring hand washing and sanitise stations are readily available. DALTON Catering Brisbane complies to a Government Industry approved COVID safe plan. Our staff have procedures in place personalised to your event in order to make your event catering a seamless and process.

DALTON Catering Brisbane will ensure that we are the most COVID safe event caterer in Brisbane. DALTON Catering Brisbane has experienced the ups and downs of business and still manage to provide our clients with the most memorable experience regardless of setbacks such as the pandemic. Our team is committed to working with you to deliver an event where you and your guests feel as comfortable as possible and can sit back, relax and enjoy what Queensland’s greatest produce, prepared by Brisbane’s most talented chefs, has to offer.

Please note that for your next Brisbane event catering by DALTON that we require the following procedures to be incorporated in to the event and adhered to by all guests…

  • All guests are to fill out the COVID safe declaration as well as provide full contact details and information
  • We can only safely accommodate 1 guest per 4sqm
  • No consuming food or beverage whilst standing
  • All consumption of food and beverage must done whilst seated
  • Guests must be seated 1.5 metres apart
  • For each meal course new cutlery must be provided
  • For each meal course new plates must be provided
  • We must display appropriate signage
  • There must be easy access to hand sanitiser in every room

If you’d like to know more or discuss booking your event then please send us an enquiry via the form below…