Dalton in the Media

Dalton in the Media

Executive Chef and Managing Director Dalton Catering, Jerome Dalton recently caught up with the team at Wedbooker to chat all things weddings + catering!

1. Please tell us a little about how Dalton Catering started in weddings?

Dalton Catering started out as a one man operation when owner / Chef Jerome Dalton started doing small high end events for a select group of food loving clients in Brisbane.

Our first large wedding was for a well known public figure 9 years ago where we started “Shared table” wedding dining. It was rather stressful event for us with many of the guests arriving by helicopter and a lot of well known faces. The event was a great success and so we started to focus on developing our shared table menus which eventually became more mainstream and now are still going strong.

2. What is your favourite aspect of a wedding at one of your venues?

We love knowing that our clients are getting the event that they dreamed of and not just a generic event package. I think a wedding is supposed to represent the personality and values of the couple and family and so its important that the caterer and venue understand the couples needs.

Our venues are all so different to each other, from a small dinner for 12 people, to a super yacht or an art deco theatre that seats 450 guests. We have a great range of amazing and interesting spaces.

3. What about the catering – what are some highlights of your menus?

Food is where we really excel, being a company owned by a fine dining trained chef. Dalton Hospitality really focuses of Hand made, high quality, fresh food. Some of our most popular items this year have been:

Our charcuterie station which consists of hand made pork, pistachio and apple terrine, Duck liver pate, smoked pork sausage, apple chutney, hand churned butter and sour dough baguette and much much more, this is served on wood logs with old copper pots, bone handles knives and vintage silverware and makes a great starter.

Chinese BBQ and dumpling station which is our take on the Fortitude valley Chinese BBQ that all of us chefs love to frequent. We hang whole ducks and BBQ pork pieces from butchers hooks and serve meats onto steamed rice bowls with our home made chilli oil, vinegar and other traditional sides as well as a dumpling steamer with pork and duck dumplings. It’s visually appealing and super tasty.

4. What makes Dalton Catering an ideal choice for couples looking to get married in Brisbane?

We are dedicated to tailoring an event to suit our clients needs. A wedding should represent the happy couple and they’re favourite foods and we love to create this.


5. If you could give couples just one tip for their wedding day, what would it be?

It’s so hard to only give only one tip! My top tips would be:

There is a lot of media around “DIY” weddings to save money which I completely understand and encourage BUT please don’t forget its YOUR day to enjoy so don’t burden yourself or your family with too much to do.

If you only have to get dressed and have a glass of Champagne that’s more than enough to do on the day.

And – remember classics are called classics for a reason, quality never goes out of fashion.