Confirmation of your booking

Following payment, DALTON Catering will send you an order confirmation by email. An email from DALTON Catering confirming acceptance of your order represents confirmation of your order, unless the email states otherwise. If no email confirmation is received, the order is NOT accepted. Please call 0404 219 757 to troubleshoot.

The order will be delivered and prepared as per the details in this order confirmation email. It is the customer’s responsibility to review the details of the order and notify DALTON Catering of any errors.



Please note that your order will arrive within a window of your requested delivery time AM (9am -11.59am) or PM (12pm – 4.59pm)

You may request in writing a specific delivery time; DALTON Catering is not bound by this request and reserves the right to refuse and to deliver your order within the selected delivery window AM (9am -11.59am) or PM (12pm – 5.00PM)

If you require your order at a specific time, we request that you cancel your delivery and collect from 22 Prospect Street, Fortitude Valley, 4006.

DALTON Catering will not refund or credit any delivery fees that have been paid and thereafter cancelled.


Failed Deliveries

DALTON Catering will effectuate your order as per our terms and conditions within the selected time frame shown on the order confirmation. Only one delivery attempt will be made for your order and this will be to the nominated address shown on your order. DALTON Catering reserves the right to refuse delivery address changes; address changes may include supplementary delivery fees, and this remains at the discretion of DALTON Catering.

In the event that a delivery fails due to you or the nominated recipient not being able to physically receive the order, due to, but not limited to, absence at the nominated delivery address, failure to answer doorbell or contact via phone, SMS or email, your order will be taken back to 22 Prospect Street for collection.

Under no circumstance will DALTON Catering attempt to redeliver your order in the event of a failed delivery. The order must be collected by you or the nominated recipient from 22 Prospect Street. The order will be made available for collection only whilst a staff member of DALTON Catering is on-site. Under no circumstance is DALTON Catering bound to remain on-site to wait for collection of the failed delivery order. In the event the failed delivery order is not collected, the order will be made available to you on the next business day however after 24 hours your order will be destroyed without notice.

Under no circumstance will a full or partial refund, credit or replacement be offered in the event of a failed delivery or collection.


Additional-Changes to your order

Under no circumstance is DALTON Catering able to accept changes that result in a reduction of quantities ordered.

You are welcome to make additional changes to your order. This includes supplementary additions only. Changes made within 72 hours prior to the delivery date may not be accepted, however, at the discretion of DALTON Catering.

DALTON Catering will do its best to facilitate changes made with short notice, however, additional charges supplementary to the advertised pricing may be incurred depending on the request. This will be explained to you in writing by DALTON Catering.

When a change is requested on your order, DALTON Catering will resend you your order confirmation reflecting the change and indicating the order is updated.  More than 1 change to an order may incur additional fees.

Refunds and Order cancellation / Change of mind

Request for a cancellation, full refund and change of mind requests are accepted within 24 hours from the time of your order being confirmed.

Under no circumstance is DALTON Catering able to offer full or partial refunds after this 24-hour period.

All cancellations are required in writing within 7 days of your delivery date. Once written notice of your order cancelation is received and confirmed, DALTON Catering will issue you with a credit note for your order.

Under no circumstance is DALTON Catering able to accept cancelations within 7 days of your delivery date. Cancelations received within 7 days of your delivery date will result in your order being forfeited, no credit will be issued.

DALTON Catering reserves the right to cancel your order in writing without reason, up to 24 hours of your delivery date.  In the event DALTON Catering chooses to cancel and not to fulfil your order or part of your order, we will refund your order.

Food allergies

Please be advised that DALTON Catering will do their best to ensure your catering does not contain any of the items to which your guest is allergic.

Please be advised however that DALTON Catering cannot guarantee your order may not contain traces of the substances to which your guest is allergic.

DALTON Catering and its suppliers will not take responsibility for any illness caused through consumption of catering containing traces of these substances or food groups. We recommend that severely allergic guests supply their own food from a reliable source so that can guarantee no cross contamination.


Pricing information

Please note all menu prices include GST. DALTON Catering will strive to maintain our prices; however, we reserve the right to alter prices without notice. DALTON Catering can only guarantee pricing on confirmed orders.


DALTON Catering will issue an invoice along with your order confirmation.

Adjustments to your order post delivery

In the event an order is missing any items, please notify DALTON Catering within 24 hours of the delivery and we will arrange for the missing product to be delivered or a credit will be issued.

Credit Card Payment

DALTON Catering accepts all major credit cards. Credit card payments will incur a fee of 1% – 2.5% + GST merchant fee. The percentage rate will depend on your card issuer.