Christmas Day Catering Banquet - Grazing 'Keep Board' + Seafood + Main Course


Feeds 10-15 people | Ready to heat & serve | No pre-set delivery times, if you require an exact time, please select 'click & collect' | Last Orders 17 December 2023 

To Start...

- Premium grazing 'keep board' featuring charcuterie from Saison Salumi, premium firm & soft cheese, pickles, condiments, crackers
- 3kg freshly steamed Gold Coast tiger prawns
- 10 Moreton Bay bugs
- DALTON's famous spicy seafood sauce

Main Course...
- 2 x Glazed Gooralie Farm pork collar hams, brown sugar glaze (boneless & skinless, pre-scored & ready to glaze in your oven)
- 2 x rolled & stuffed boneless turkey, spiced cranberry sauce (sous-vide & ready to roast)
- Buttery potato purée (ready to heat in the bag in hot water)
- Heirloom carrots, spiced honey butter, roasted hazelnuts (ready to roast - serve hot or as a cold dish/salad)

*If you wish to purchase more of one item, please make a note at the check-out & we will contact you via telephone or email.



  • Take your ham out of the fridge 60-90 minutes before cooking, and leave it out to come up to room temperature  
  • Preheat oven to 150 degrees C (fan bake)  
  • Take ham out of the bag, discard the bag 
  • Pat-dry the ham & place it in greased oven dish, slather the ham with the enitre jar of glaze
  • Place the dish in the centre of the ovencheck after 45-60 minutes 
  • Once the ham is heated through, increase oven temperature to 200 degrees C (fan bake)
  • Every 4-5 minutes, spoon the glaze from the bottom of the pan over the ham until you have reached your desired level of glazed-stickiness
  • When satisfied with the glaze, remove it from the oven and let rest whilst you prepare your turkey
  • Slice thinly & serve alongside our house mustard & some grilled pineapple
  • TIP – select an oven dish that is preferably non-stick & that fits your ham snugly. Too much empty surface area may result in some of the ham glaze sticking to the dish & possibly burning
  • TIP – do not leave in the oven too long as the sugars in the glaze will burn
  • TIP– your ham can be cooked several hours in advance or the night before


Boneless turkey with a Christmas sausage stuffing enrobed in crepinette & served with our housemade cranberry sauce

  • Take your turkey from the fridge 60 minutes prior to cooking & leave it out to come up to room temperature  
  • Preheat oven to 170 degrees C (fan bake)  
  • Take your turkey out of the bag, discard the bag 
  • Pat dry the turkey & place in greased and baking paper-lined roasting dish
  • Place the dish in the centre of the ovencheck after 30-40 minutes 
  • To ensure the meat is cooked, the centre should reach an internal temperature of 75 degrees C  
  • If you do not have meat thermometer, cut the turkey in half to test.  If it is not hot enough, return to the oven covered with aluminium foil checking every 5 minutes  
  • Once you have achieved your desired cooking temperature leave out to rest for 10-20 minutes before slicing
  • Arrange on a serving dish alongside our housemade cranberry sauce


A decadent blend of local whipped potatoes & butter, heat just before serving.

  • Place bag of whipped potato directly in a pot big enough that the bag may lay flat, fill with water
  • Bring to a slow simmer for 10 minutes
  • Very carefully remove the bag from the pot and serve the potato in a pre-warmed serving bowl
  • Garnish with a sprinkle of fine herbs such as chives, parsley or thyme tips

Heirloom Carrots 

  • Pre-heat your oven to 180 degreesC
  • Place carrots and butter in a baking paper lined baking dish, place into the centre of pre-heated oven for 20 minutes
  • Once the carrots are hot and gained some colour, remove from the oven & add the hazelnuts, serve on your choice of platter or plate either as a hot or cold side-dish.

PRO TIP – once removed from the oven,  add a squeeze of fresh orange or lemon juice before garnishing with hazelnuts.

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