DALTON's Response to COVID-19

DALTON's Response to COVID-19

Dear Friends,

As the implications of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continue to intensify, this virus becomes not only an infection of the body but also of the mind and our economy. We wish to remind you, dear and greatly valued client, partner or affiliate that we are here to pull through, together.

At DALTON, we treat our staff and guests’ safety with the utmost consideration, thus we are reaching out to ensure peace of mind. Since the outbreak of Coronavirus and since it has been put at pandemic level, we have amplified our standardised hygiene practises to further prioritise safety and hygiene to ensure all our guests’ wellbeing and peace of mind when procuring our services.

On March 14, 2020, we undertook a voluntary and self-imposed independent food safety and kitchen hygiene audit at our own expense with ‘Safe Food for You’ and were found to be operating at the absolute highest possible standard concerning food hygiene, preparation and kitchen facilities. We have invited ‘Safe Food for You’ to extensively audit our safety and hygiene since 2009 and we boast an impeccable record of the highest possible standard. DALTON also maintains perfect food hygiene records that date 16 years since inception in 2003, and since then, we have passed with excellence on all of our Brisbane City Council audits, checks and random inspections.

In order to further mitigate risk of COVID-19 being circulated at your event we are voluntarily embracing the following measures…

  • Effective immediately, all employees will take their temperature before entering any food preparation area before each shift (off & on site)
  • All employees devoid of COVID-19 symptoms will undertake all of their duties whilst wearing surgical masks and hospital grade sterile disposable gloves
  • All food that leaves the DALTON kitchen will do so in sterile transport containers and will be tape sealed with time/date prior to leaving our premises and are to be sighted by the event organiser / event host upon arrival
  • On-site at events, our kitchen team will continue to use gloves and surgical masks when in the designated food preparation area for all tasks
  • Our wait service team will use white cotton gloves during food and beverage service, and, at the hosts discretion will also wear a surgical mask
  • On-site at events our team will pre-clean and sanitise all areas that will used by the DALTON team for food and beverage service
  • To reduce person to person contact, we now provide a menu where all items are vacuum sealed and can be reheated by clients following clear instructions and hygiene guidelines provided

Providing more than just nourishment, gathering and breaking bread with those around us is one of the most tangible and unifying things known to mankind, it bonds us all. Throughout these testing times, we encourage and support you to gather and break bread with your nearest and dearest. If we can be of assistance, or if we can help ease your burden or apprehension, please feel free to reach out at any time to discuss your needs or concerns regarding your ‘yet to be scheduled’ or ‘previously cancelled’ event.

With love & best wishes,


Founder, Chef & Original Event Curator