Finger Food Catering: Simplify Your Queensland Wedding

Finger Food Catering: Simplify Your Queensland Wedding

Planning your dream wedding is no easy feat; everyone has their own individual style and taste. In amongst the seemingly endless to-do list, the preparation of the wedding menu holds a top position. What other part of the wedding needs to satisfy not only the happy couple but their chosen group of guests? However, the addition of finger food catering allows one major component of your special day to become simplified.

Finger Food Catering – the fun way to satisfy

Across the Brisbane catering scene some menu items and descriptions can make you question whether your wedding preparation should have included learning a second language! If you prefer the more simple things in life without sacrificing on quality, finger food catering is a fun, flexible way to feed your wedding party – and it will remove the stress and politics of writing the seating chart! With the right choice of canapés and light meals, every wedding can be turned into a classically simple, sophisticated affair.  Here are three of our favourite choices that will impress and satisfy all your special guests.

Finger Food Idea #1

For the ultimate crowd pleaser, why not try our housemade flat bread and dips. By including a range of flavours, you can cater to a range of guests – both the fussy eaters and the discerning gourmets. This option is mess-free and easy to eat, perfect for when guests are moving around and mingling while they wait for the reception, and look even better as a part of one of our food stations.

Finger Food Idea #2

For something a little more substantial but keeping with the flexibility of a cocktail function, keep your guests’ satisfied and their dancing energies up with our range of noodle boxes. Forget what you know about these humble boxes, ours contain light meals for your guests, full of fresh ingredients and bursting with flavour, which they can easily walk and talk with.

Finger Food Idea #3

No wedding dining experience is complete unless dessert has been served – there is always room! Our final top pick for a simplistic wedding menu items includes the baby meringues served with fresh fruit and cream. A lighter dessert option like this one is an ideal addition to every wedding menu no matter what the season and will also serve to compliment your chosen wedding cake.

As a mobile catering company, Dalton Hospitality is happy to cater for any personal requirements or preferences to bring on your big day. Be sure to check out the complete range of extensive menu items on offer.