A ‘candid’ interview with the organisers of Le D

In organising Diner en Blanc we hear people speaking of their desire for more devoted mealtime, quality food shared amongst loved ones. Family, food, passion.
Jerome Dalton of Dalton Hospitality is a man who lives all these with a French inspiration. For him, Diner en Blanc was something he simply had to be a part of. Showcasing quality food, sharing in French tradition and celebrating our beautiful city and local producers. We had a lovely chat with Jerome about his thoughts around Diner en Blanc Brisbane. We think you will find his stories captivating too.

Q. Had you seen/heard of Diner en Blanc in other cities before the Brisbane event was announced?
A. I had heard of this happening in Paris, a friend in the UK showed me pictures of a dinner. It looked so beautiful and made me miss the European attitude toward food and friends. I was so happy to hear of it coming to Australia and wanted to get behind it in any way possible.

Q. What makes you proud to show off Brisbane?
A. Brisbane is often thought of as a backwater when it comes to good food and culture, however there is a lot of movement towards quality sustainable local produce and a lot of us working very hard to change that attitude. When you come from behind, you often end up at the front. I love the small local markets and producers here.

Q. What public spaces would you love to see activated more often with events such as this?
A. Ballymore oval seems underutilised. Street festivals and events always add flavour to a city. Most of our parks can be a little “look, but don’t touch”. I think we need to treat all spaces as ours not as our councils