Top tips for an incredible stand-up dining event in Brisbane this Christmas and summer season

Top tips for an incredible stand-up dining event in Brisbane this Christmas and summer season

Professionally produced and delivered canapé or finger food catering is the perfect solution when you want a stand-up dining event that is all about interaction.

Stand-up events are the epitome of conviviality, allowing everyone to have a chat and meet other guests without getting stuck at a table.

If you want your guests to be able to mingle, they need food to match. Guests should be able to move around without juggling a plate and glass in their hands.

Choose canapés and finger food for your cocktail party, and you will avoid the juggling act. Instead, the event will be all about food that can just be popped into your mouth and really can be eaten with your fingers; there’s no fork, no knife and no messy leftovers.

Why choose this style?

A canapé menu style is a value-for-money catering solution. Less equipment means more of your budget can be spent on maximising food. The results can be delicious!

Simple and convenient to serve, finger food catering also allows people to try a greater variety of taste experiences. And, it’s easy to include healthy and dietary requirements in the mix; whether your guests are older, younger or in between, fitness focused or spicy and adventurous eaters, the diversity of finger foods means it is easy to cater for all.

Presentation counts!

We eat with our eyes. Dalton Catering’s expert canapé presentation makes all the difference here.

It doesn’t matter if you are holding a private event at home, sailing on a yacht or enjoying downtime in a corporate office, catering with a spectacular touch will turn your function into a memorable event.

Our favourite catering experiences include serving canapés and finger food on luxury yachts.

We also love the joy-filled faces of our clients when their home-catered event goes just perfectly.

When it comes to corporate catering, up in the clouds on Eagle Street is a favourite location, particularly when there are fireworks as well!

Dalton Catering’s top five foods for a cocktail party

With 15 years of catering experience, Dalton Catering has developed a refined list of cocktail party palate pleasers that suit any function.
Here are our top five canapé suggestions for stand-up catering –

1. Caviar and Creme Fraiche on a Buckwheat Blini

There is nothing more evocative and exciting to start an amazing stand up dining experience nor a better way to treat your guests.

2. Freshly Shucked Oysters

Australia is blessed with some of the world’s best oysters. Bring this popular taste of the ocean to your event.

3. Duck and Burgundy Dagwood Dog

We call this classy bogan canapé yum on a stick! It’s a duck and pinot noir sausage with corn batter, pickled mustard seed aioli, bush-tomato ketchup. It brings back all those Ekka memories in a good way!

4. Katsu Scallop Sando

This year’s triumph of stand-up event perfection sees crumbed scallops on a milk bun with XO infused mayonnaise. You’ll find you could eat these all day.

5. The Mini Mac Arancini

Tastes like the ubiquitous ‘big hamburger’, yet it is vegetarian. This one even got us a legal letter from the golden arches!

The golden rule for finger food catering

We have all been at ‘those’ cocktail parties. The ones where you feel like you just saw the food going past and never got to enjoy it or reach a satisfactory level of ‘full’. That’s not our style.

Dalton always ensures there is enough food and food choices for all guests and we simply don’t work any other way.

Reach out to us today to enquire about your Christmas and corporate catering needs this summer!

Team D A L T O N x