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7 Reasons to Use Corporate Catering in Brisbane For Your Christmas Party

7 Reasons to Use Corporate Catering in Brisbane For Your Christmas Party

Everyone loves a Christmas party, but not everyone loves organising one. That’s when corporate catering for your Brisbane event can come to the rescue.

Here are seven reasons why you should use corporate catering for your Brisbane Christmas event.

It’s time to have some fun

After a year of hard work, it’s time for everyone to kick back and have some fun. That means leaving the nitty-gritty and the hard work to someone else, not you!

You know the expectations are high if you’ve been delegated the job of organising the Christmas party. Dalton Catering can bring all the staff, from bartenders and baristas, to chefs, event managers and wait staff. The setup is smooth, the event runs like clockwork and the messy breakdown and clean up happens without you lifting a finger.

“We can curate your dream event and ensure that everyone is blown away from start to finish, regardless of the location or budget,” says Jerome Dalton.

Style it for success

Even if you are a Pinterest master, creative food styling is not as easy as it looks. Dalton Catering has mastered the art of creative styling. Combine this with their innovative cuisine, and you’ll be amazed by the results.

Give thanks

As well as celebrating the end of the year, a Christmas party is a great way to show appreciation for your staff. Surprise them with fun and creative food from corporate catering experts Dalton Catering and relax as they get to know each other outside work, strengthen bonds and build a stronger team.

Quality counts

Christmas is not a time to cut corners in catering. The food quality, the styling, your venue and presentation all reflect on your brand. This event is a chance to create positive associations with your brand – or not.

Make it memorable

It doesn’t have to be highly complicated to be a memorable event. The right corporate catering in Brisbane for Christmas with fabulous food can still be a highly memorable occasion.

“For Christmas, we focus on seasonal and local foods. That means mangoes, prawns, Moreton bay bugs and some chic takes on classic Christmas desserts,” says Jerome Dalton.

Make them feel spoiled

It’s the little things that will make your staff feel spoiled this Christmas. A fresh and satisfying menu and decadent desserts combined with professional service are the hallmarks of Dalton Catering’s corporate catering in Brisbane. It shows you appreciate their efforts.

Dalton Catering’s favourite events always seem to focus around being close to the water and a cruise on yacht Pure Adrenalin.

“The guests are in such a good mood,” says Jerome Dalton. “They leave all their tension, stress and worries on land and have the best time! Who doesn’t love a mid-week cruise on our own Brisbane River – or, better yet – a luxury catered cruise out to Tangalooma for a swim and snorkel?

Get it right

Restricted diets and dietary preferences can make corporate catering in Brisbane complicated. That’s why you need professionals who are used to accommodating all dietary needs in charge of your next event.

When it’s all over, what you’ll remember when Dalton does the catering is that the stress is eliminated, and the expectations exceeded. That’s the recipe for an excellent time for all.

Have we convinced you to use corporate catering in Brisbane for your Christmas Party?

Whether it’s for an in-office soirée, or a festive feast off-site, Dalton Catering would love to help. Get in touch for a free consultation to see how we can devise the perfect Christmas Party offering for your budget, party size, and taste.

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