Corporate Catering Brunch: Bagels Galore at Scrunch HQ 'Sip & Scrunch'

Corporate Catering Brunch: Bagels Galore at Scrunch HQ 'Sip & Scrunch'

Hey guys,

Jerome DALTON here on the keys! Last week we were lucky enough to be working with one of our newest corporate catering clients in Brisbane “Scrunch” at the amazing Scrunch HQ! Scrunch is an amazing business based around influencer marketing for brands and for influencers!

It was an early start and a rainy morning, but that did not stop the Brisbane marketing and media community coming in to Scrunch to breakfast in style and to discuss their ever changing and fast-paced industry, as well as feast on our amazing wood fired bagels and myriad of deliciousness to smear and fill them with!

We were lucky enough to be able to easily create a ‘Bagel Wall’ at scrunch HQ and let guests build their own bagel the way they like it and in their own time.

Lately we have been embracing the bucha at DALTON and we have fallen in love with ‘jun kombucha’ rather than regular ‘kombucha’. Jun uses organic green tea instead of black tea and requires raw bush honey to feed the mother and the ferment, the result is a brighter lighter bucha with lots of racy and juicy acidity and lots of gorgeous citrus-floral notes. We concocted some long fermented jun (high in acidity but BIG on probiotics) with some organic fruit juices and we were dishing out gut health as well as deliciousness to all our wonderful guests!

For 2+ hours, 150 guests sipped and scrunched whilst they listened to many a wise word spoken about the influencer marketing world and were welcomed by co-founder and CEO Danielle Lewis.

By all accounts, the salmon & cream cheese and peanut butter & jelly bagels were the smash hits of the day!

We cannot wait to work with the scrunch team more in the near future here in Brisbane. Watch stay tuned, there might even be a private event space available to hire coming your way soon at scrunch HQ. Check in again soon and we’ll keep you posted on this!

In the meantime, if you’re eyes are set on such an installation such as a bagel wall, doughnut wall, champagne wall or spoon wall, DALTON Catering & Events has got you covered. Such installations are perfect for corporate catering, office catering, brunch catering and picnic catering. There’s no limits! Give us some space and we will build it!

Check out some of the photos from the event, drop us a line here and we will make your event ideas a reality!

Jerome DALTON x


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Gorgeous photos taken by Nick Christie and room styling by the very talented event hire & styling Brisbane team Brandition.


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