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Refresh Your Guests in Summer

Refresh Your Guests in Summer

As a mobile catering company in Brisbane, saying January and February can be hot is an understatement. Hosting an event in summer can be a tough act, but it can definitely be done. To ensure your guests beat the heat, here are our top tips for choosing refreshing Brisbane catering in summer.

Summer catering tip #1

When it comes to mobile catering, there’s nothing guests want more than a glass of something cold handed to them as soon as they arrive on a hot summer’s day. It doesn’t really matter whether this be a crisp alcoholic beverage or a sweet and refreshing orange juice – all your guests want is that cool glass to put them in the mood for a great event with plenty of finger food catering.

Summer catering tip #2

Refreshing finger food catering is definitely your go-to choice to kick off your event – think cool options like peppered sashimi of tuna with pickled cucumber and Japanese mayo. Try to avoid options with a lot of spice, or those that are generally served piping hot. Your guests will thank you later.

Summer catering tip #3

Our final tip as a Brisbane catering company is to avoid hearty, hot options like stews, soups and roasts if you decide to go with a three course (or similar) menu. Your guests will already be thinking about the sweltering heat, so take their minds off to somewhere more pleasant with fresh salads, cold cut meats, or seafood dishes.

We have extensive menus full of cool and refreshing options for your guests to enjoy this summer. Beat the heat with high quality Brisbane catering from Dalton Hospitality.

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