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Our Grazing Tables and Food Stations

Our Grazing Tables and Food Stations

Hi guys,

Jerome DALTON on the keys here, I just wanted to talk to you about our love affair with Grazing Tales & Grazing Stations! In case you didn’t already know – at DALTON we absolutely LOVE creating beautiful and delicious Grazing Tables and Grazing stations!

We created our first Grazing Table back in 2007 – and we’ve not looked back!

Our very first client to embrace the now ubiquitous ‘Grazing Table’ was a client who owned a Brisbane riverside property and wanted a taste of ‘France’ having returned from a holiday a couple of months prior. They hadn’t been  able to satiate their newfound appetite for French-style charcuterie, cheese and of course the paradoxical French baguette (seriously, have you tried one? They really are life-changing!).

I had to dust off my not-too-shabby (but still a little dusty) charcuterie-making skills I learned in Tasmania in the 80s and 90s. The trickiest part of planning the event and the menu was we could not figure out a convivial way to allow guests to access 6 different homemade pates, terrines & rillettes as well as 5 kinds of cheese, and rustic breads at a table – all while being able to enjoy everyone’s company (there were 50 guests).

This is when we decided that the only option was to serve everything ‘buffet-style’. Only that it wasn’t really a buffet as the host wanted the guests to remain standing, sipping and chatting!

So, we embraced the ‘graze’, and ever since, the team at DALTON have curated literally thousands of Grazing Tables & Food Stations – from Brisbane to the Sunshine and Gold Coasts, out to Toowoomba, and on occasion, down through to Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers.

Fast forward 13 years and the grazing table is going stronger than ever.  Many hosts tend to now DIY a lot of their own grazing tables ‘antipasto’ in style, with supermarket-bought products. Alternatively, they call upon one of the hundreds of other business who will provide a similar product to what one could do at home themselves (albeit more insta-worthy in certain cases).

Regardless of the Australian DIY attitude, here at DALTON, we’re still experiencing an unprecedented demand for Grazing Tables & Food Stations. As for what DALTON does differently? Well, we remain quality and ingredient-focused in everything we do – and casual grazing tables are no exception!

On any of our Grazing Tables & Grazing Stations, guests will not find a single item that does not belong nor that can’t be consumed with enjoyment and in conjunction with any other item on the table. We achieve a superlative aesthetic through food freshness and the ‘you must put me in your mouth now’ factor. We do not believe that it is acceptable to fill space with inedible food such as whole and uncut unripe fruits, dry rocket leaves or stale pretzels. And we also believe it is not ok to have obscure, out-of-place foods as a decoration or space filler. But, we do feel that incorporating and utilising space is VERY important: a Grazing Table or Food Station should be groaning with food and generosity, but making it too busy is not artistic nor is it conducive to providing an experience that is accessible and simple for guests.

When DALTON started their grazing journey thirteen years ago, we started with simple yet top quality and handmade charcuterie & cheese. Today, there  is now a myriad of ideas and concepts that are executed on a weekly basis.

Our most common requests and in-demand requests?

  • cheese stations,
  • charcuterie stations,
  • grazing tables/grazing stations,
  • vegan grazing tables/stations,
  • Italian antipasto grazing tables,
  • Chinese BBQ food station,
  • oyster station, raw bar,
  • Mexican / taqueria grazing station,
  • raclette cheese station,
  • ramen food station,
  • candy station,
  • dessert station,
  • bagel station/bagel wall or doughnuts for the sweet tooth!

And many, many more. Essentially DALTON provides what clients need and want to suit their event. We can turn any idea into an interactive and fun food station or grazing table – the only limit really is one’s imagination!

DALTON insists on providing a level of service that is extremely high, regardless of the style of event. We are proud that this commitment to excellence and attention to detail means that our food stations and grazing tables really will suit all event styles, including corporate catering, wedding catering, private catering, picnic catering, outdoor catering, vegan catering – and just about everything else.

If you’re wondering what you’re going to serve up to your guests at your next party in a relaxed, yet chic environment, then check out some of our pictures below for inspiration. We also invite you to drop us a line and let us take care of all the work; tell us your idea and we’ll make it your edible reality!


Jerome and the team at DALTON x


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