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Make Your Birthday Stress-Free

Make Your Birthday Stress-Free

21st50th? 80th? Regardless for your milestone, you won’t want to be cooking and tending to guests stomachs on your special night. Keep them happy with delicious catering and enjoy your night stress free with the kitchen marked as a no-go zone.

Mobile catering from Dalton Hospitality will truly be a gift from the heavens as they have a catering option to suit any birthday celebration style you have in mind. Your guests can graze on a huge selection of canapés, over indulge at an individualised buffet, be wowed at a food station or let a nine course degustation come to them.

Brisbane catering has never been so enjoyable with the help of Jerome and his team. Dalton Hospitality will look after you and your guest’s appetites so you can actually be in the photos, not behind the scenes running franticly from oven to table.

Sit back. Relax. Sip your wine whilst it is still cold and let Dalton Hospitality make your Birthday celebration a true success.

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