Perfecting Your Boardroom Meeting

Perfecting Your Boardroom Meeting

Whether you’re training staff, impressing clients or briefing board members who have had to travel to Brisbane, catering is your secret weapon when stuck in a boardroom with the same people all day. Hungry people are angry people, but keep them satisfied with high quality food and you’ll be everyone’s best friend.

There are a few things to consider before you can nail the perfect boardroom lunch or dinner, but our extensive experience in corporate catering in Brisbane means we’re here to let you know what they are:

Picking your boardroom menu

There’s nothing worse than sweating under your suit all day only to be presented with a steaming hot bowl of curry for lunch. Consider the weather outside (or at least, the air-conditioning situation) when choosing your menu to keep your guests satisfied.


Your wish to impress the board members says splash out, while Cathy from accounts says to order the bare minimum – so how much food should you order? Consider not only the number of delegates, but the time of day and duration of the meeting. If it’s still too tough, as a top corporate catering company in Brisbane, we can advise on how much food to allow so that you please both the hungry attendees andyour accounts officer.

Buffet or table service?

A good Brisbane catering company will give you the option of having your meal served at the table, or via a buffet. Having wait-staff serve individual plates directly to the table is often preferred in the boardroom for its formality, but don’t discount the advantages of a buffet – the self-service and multiple options allow for fussy eaters, while a great catering company will deliver presentation that makes sure you’re still looking classy. Bonus: it’s an excuse to get up and move those restless legs after a few hours at the table.

To wine or not to wine?

Serving alcohol can help everyone relax and get along, but it can also affect focus. If you’re going to serve wine or beer, ensure it’s carefully monitored until the end of the day when you can let your hair down.


Don’t be afraid to have lunch outside the conference room! Choosing a break-out area can expand your catering options, and will refresh those tired eyes and fuzzy heads.

If we can cater for Sir Richard Branson, we can look after your Brisbane corporate catering needs, making sure that hands are shaken with a smile at the end of the day. Contact Dalton Hospitality today to plan your next boardroom meeting.